Nagyfény Bt.
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About Us

Nagyfény Bt., provides surface treatment in a number of segments of domestic and foreign industry, with the automotive industry playing a significant role. Our main profiles are electrocoating, wet painting, industrial coating and car refurbishment.

Our company started as a car refurbishment business in 1990. In 2003, we continued to make improvements to meet the growing demand for wet painting applications from the engineering industry. Since 2005 we have been pursuing and developing our business under the name of Nagyfény Bt.

In order to meet the increasing requirements of high corrosion protection in different industries, an automated electrocoating line with dip tanks was installed in 2011, so we are currently engaged in car refinishing, industrial painting, wet painting and electrocoating at our premises.

Our car polishing department serves mainly dealerships with retail service. Our industrial coatings and wet painting include coatings for industrial equipment, pneumatic units and machined parts. The product range of electrocoating is very wide, with the automotive parts being a significant volume, we also coat agricultural machine parts, locks, bicycle and other castings as well as sheet metal parts.

We are committed to high quality and we carry on our business according to MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2015 and to ISO 14001.